Pala Corta

A single-piece raquette made of beech wood or other noble wood and a leather ball, thicker and larger in diameter than a pallet, are used. This modality is only played on a 36-meter fronton. Very physical and spectacular specialty. The pelotari requires power and a large wrist, to be able to handle the tool with guarantees. Spain is the main dominator.


Preferably made of beech wood or other noble wood, in one piece, with the following characteristics:

- Max. length: 51 cm.

- Max. width: 11.50 cm.

- Thickness: 2/4.5 cm.

- Weight: 600/800 gr.


- Total weight: 85/90 gr.

- Diameter: 50/58 cm.

- Core weight: 34/38 gr.

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