The International Federation of Basque Pelota

The Fédération Internationale de Pelota Vasca (FIPV) is the world governing body for the sport of Basque Pelota. With a long history and an unwavering commitment to sporting excellence, the FIPV works to promote, develop and regulate Basque Pelota worldwide. Our goal is to encourage the practice of the sport, ensure fairness in competition and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Basque Pelota for future generations.


Xavier Cazaubon, president of the International Federation of Basque Pelota since 2014, passionately leads the development and promotion of the sport around the world. His leadership has enabled and continues to enable growth and excellence in the Basque Pelota community worldwide.

5 Inalienable Principles

The FIPV is committed to 5 fundamental principles that guide its work and development in the promotion and regulation of Basque Pelota worldwide.
The FIPV acts as an engine and catalyst for national federations, promoting the growth and consolidation of the sport around the world.
Generate sports programs in the nature of state policies, promoting the practice of the Pelota in various categories and modalities around the world.
It places emphasis on regulations, training, education and social aspects of the practice of the Pelota, seeking excellent competition and promoting healthy habits.
The FIPV works in balance with national federations, respecting diversity and promoting the creation of new federations to promote the sport of Pelota in different countries.
Play a moderating role in international sports relations, following international law and the recommendations of organizations such as UNESCO, with the objective of converting the Pelota into an Olympic modality.

Presentation of the FIPV

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Organization chart

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On May 19, 1929 the Act of Foundation of the International Federation of Basque Pelota was signed in Buenos Aires (Argentina), on the initiative of Jean Ibarnegaray (French Federation of Basque Pelota) and with the support of the Spanish Confederation of Basque Pelota and the Argentinean Federation of Pelota.

The Statutes of the F.I.P.V. were signed on March 2, 1930 in Espelette (France).

History of Presidents

Discover the leadership legacy of the FIPV with our history of presidents, which features the past leaders of our organization.
Jean Ybarnegaray
Founding President 1929
Manuel Balet Crous
1946 — 1954
Carmelo Balda Galarraga
1954 — 1969
Javier Gil de Biedma
1970 — 1978
Jesús Fernández Iriondo
1978 — 1994
Enrique Gaytán de Ayala
1994 — 2002
Dominique Boutineau
2002 — 2014
Xavier Cazaubon
2014 —