Welcome to the International Federation of Basque Pelota (FIPV). We are the world's leading authority in the sport of Basque Pelota, a discipline with a rich history and tradition rooted in Basque culture. Since our founding in 1929, we have been dedicated to promoting and developing this exciting sport around the world.

Why Sponsor the FIPV?

The FIPV offers sponsors a unique opportunity to partner with a growing global sport. By sponsoring the FIPV, your brand will gain valuable international visibility, reaching a diverse and engaged audience. In addition, your support will contribute to the development and continuous promotion of the Basque Pelota around the world, supporting talented athletes and encouraging participation in this traditional and global sport.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities to fit your brand needs and objectives. From becoming our main sponsor to sponsoring specific events, we have options for all budgets and levels of commitment. Join us and be part of the exciting Basque Pelota journey!

Visibility and Exposure

As a sponsor of the FIPV, your brand will receive extensive exposure through several channels. Our commitment is to ensure that your brand stands out and receives the recognition it deserves.
Increase your visibility worldwide with a prominent presence on our official website, reaching a global audience interested in the Basque ball.
Engage with engaged followers and amplify your brand through our active social platforms.
Maximize your reach and engagement by being presented at exciting livestreamed events.
Take the opportunity to associate your brand with the emotion and tradition of the Basque Pelota through our promotional material.
Get international exposure by sponsoring our events around the world, connecting with a diverse and engaged audience.


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