Playstation® Video game

Immerse yourself in the thrill of Frontball with our PlayStation exclusive video game. Developed in collaboration with PlayStation Spain, Frontball Planet brings the action of sports to your console. Experience the adrenaline of competition while playing on the most exciting courts around the world! Customize your player, master the techniques and conquer the court. Get ready for a unique gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat every game!


Frontball is a new and modern sports discipline, created in 2008, which has recently been included as another specialty in the sport of Pelota.
It is the intersection of different hand Pelota games played around the world.

The Story Continues

After a long relationship between FePelota, the FIPV and PlayStation Spain, participating in actions to promote this discipline in the PlayStation Frontball Challenge competition in 2017, Frontball Planet is now born. Where the essence of Frontball is collected, breaking the traditional barriers of the courts where this sport is practiced, to bring Frontball to the streets and to a larger audience.

The video game

The objective is to create a third-person Frontball sports video game experience, with different three-dimensional street environments, different opponents to defeat and several game modes for both single player and local multiplayer.

It has 3 initial characters, 2 of them configurable based on unlockable elements that are purchased in the game's offline store and are purchased with game currency that is obtained as the different game modes are played.

You can play on different courts around the world, New York, Mexico City, Miami, Dubai, Tokyo, Bilbao and Madrid, plus an indoor stage for training.

Press Kit

Download our Frontball Planet press kit, where you'll find all the materials you need to report on our exciting video game.