Cesta Punta

The most spectacular and universal specialty. The main characteristic of the game is to pick up the ball with the basket, let it slide to its end, it gains momentum and throws itself as hard and efficiently as possible against the front. The ball can reach speeds of up to 300 Km/h. Spain and France are the big dominators.


Made of chestnut wood, densely woven from wicker, ribbed and cured, with a retention bag, it is composed of a heel, ribs, rings and tip. The glove shall be made of leather or similar material. You can also use baskets made of plastic, provided that they are technically made the same as the previous ones.

- Total straight line length: 62/68 cm.

- Retention bag depth: 15/16 cm.

- Curved length: 90/100 cm.


- Core weight: 90/115 gr.

- Total weight: 115/130 gr.

- Diameter: 60/62 mm.

Game types

Discover the versatility of this specialty with its different types of games.
Fronton 36 meters: men individual and women pairs
Fronton 54 meters: men pairs

Canchas for Cesta Punta

Explore the Canchas where this specialty is played and enter to discover all its details and characteristics.

Upcoming Tournaments

Check out the upcoming tournaments where the best teams in this specialty will face each other, keep up to date and don't miss out on the thrill of the competition.
XI Campeonato del Mundo Sub-22 Frontón 36 Metros
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