Paleta Goma

A wooden, carbon or fiberglass pallet and a rubber ball are used. The most popular and therefore practiced specialty (both by children, men, women and veterans), considered leisure, requires less “aggressiveness” than the other leather ball specialties. Born and developed in South America, it has Argentines and Uruguayans as clear dominators.


Made of wood, carbon or fiberglass, this can be in one piece or laminate.

- Max length: 55 cm.

- Maximum width: 21.5 cm.

- Thickness: 1.4 cm.

- Weight: 500 gr.


- Total weight: 35/40 gr.

- Diameter: 42/44 cm.

Game types

Discover the versatility of this specialty with its different types of games.
Fronton 30 meters: individual, men and women
Trinquet: pairs, men and women

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