A racket of the usual ones on the market is used, with normal string for the pre-tennis ball and reinforced in its central part for the racquet ball, both are made of rubber. The racquetball specialty, which is the official one for World Championships, has its origin in Mexico, these being the great specialists and therefore the great dominators. The pre-tennis ball is the most popular specialty and therefore practiced (both by children, men, women and veterans), considered leisure, it requires less “technique” than the official one. It was born and developed in Spain, being the most popular specialty and where there are great specialists.


It will be similar or the same as that used in the sport of tennis, made of fiber, metal, carbon or graphite, etc. Its weight and string braiding is not limited, and double strings can be used, nor is its length and width limited.


- Total weight: 40 gr.

- Diameter: 47/49 mm.

- Material: Rubber.

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