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VI Copa del Mundo de Trinquete - Trofeo Presidente del COI

Resultados VI Copa del Mundo de Trinquete - Trofeo Presidente del COI

Del 11 al 18 de octubre

Aprobado el nuevo logotipo de la FIPV

Reunión del Comité Ejecutivo en Guadalajara

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  • 28 nov 2015

    Campaign of Elimination Violence against Women

    We present the campaign of the Elimination of Violence against Women "I am not atrapped in any net, I hit with it"

  • 24 nov 2015

    Cuba welcomes Frontball with enthusiasm

    The Frontball, a new Pelota Vasca modality existing since April of this year, has caused a great excitement among Cubans through the first meeting held last week in Havana, Cuba 

  • 13 nov 2015

    Frontball lands in Havana, Cuba

    Frontball was included in April as a modality of Basque Pelota. As part of the global development and expansion plan for our sports, we will hold the “Frontball Technical Seminar” next November 17 - 19 in Havana, Cuba.

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Fernando Casado Ibarrola




The FIPV is the only competent authority relating to the sport of Pelota Vasca in the international level

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