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The Federation

The FIPV is the only competent, international authority for Pelota Vasca recognised by the International Olympic Committee





The FIPV, Federación Internacional de Pelota Vasca (International Federation of Pelota Vasca), has the following objectives for 2010-2014:

  • To support the development of Pelota by helping to create new federations and better organizing the already existing ones.
  • To promote the building of new facilities and help in the search form lower cost equipment for the sport.
  • To carry out training programmes for referees, coaches, technical advisers, top players, and manufacturers of equipment.
  • To organize international competitions and make them more dynamic and adaptable to competition standards.
  • To improve operations within the FIPV in the service of the federations and strive to bring about cooperation agreements.
  • To prevent the use of drugs in this sport and propose new training methods adapted to the different situations of Pelota.
  • To develop sponsorships and merchandising.
  • Reinforce communications: Television, written press, radio, internet, edit promotional documents.
  • Prepare a discussion forum about the future of Pelota: facilities, features, "Pelota as an Olympic sport"?

Memoria de actividades 2012 y plan de accion 2013


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The FIPV is the only competent authority relating to the sport of Pelota Vasca in the international level

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